Call for action to improve cancer survival in Wales

Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar has called on the Welsh Health Minister to take action to address the fact that Wales is still lagging behind other counties when it comes to cancer survival rates.

“Action on heart valve disease vital”

Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar attended a Heart Valve Voice Assembly testing event this week that also marked the launch of a new report by the charity.

Members were also tested for a heart murmur with a stethoscope, which in adults can indicate a problem with a heart valve.

AM votes against smacking ban

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar voted against introducing a smacking ban in Wales this week, and is disappointed that a majority of AM voted to back the proposals.   

Thirty five AMs voted for a ban on smacking whilst 15, including Darren, voted against.

"Don't waste a fantastic opportunity to invest in the next generation"

Children and young people only get one shot at their education and it is therefore vital that we do not let them down. Unfortunately though, due to years of Welsh Labour underfunding, we have been, with our education system falling behind systems in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.