Wind farm opposition stands strong

Darren Millar, Assembly Member for Clwyd West and County Borough Councillor for Towyn, has welcomed a decision by Conwy Councillors to continue to oppose plans for one of Europe’s largest wind farms off the coast of his North Wales constituency.

Wind farm developers, npower, have submitted revised plans for the Gwynt y Mor wind farm to the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, which reduced the footprint of the project by putting turbines closer together. 

Despite calls from Labour councillors to withdraw the objection and to simply raise concerns about the development, the council endorsed a previous resolution made in February 2006 which objected to the wind farm and called for a public enquiry into the proposals.

Darren Millar, who is also Shadow Minister for the Environment and Planning in the Assembly said, ‘Conwy County Borough Councillors have made the right decision in continuing to oppose this massive wind farm. Such a development would industrialise the North Wales seascape and could have a devastating effect on tourism, much of which is attracted to the area on the basis of our beautiful environment.

‘Given the overwhelming local opposition to these plans from residents and businesses it is crucial that a public inquiry is held on these proposals.

‘I am also concerned at the impact which this development could have on flood risk in Conwy. The county borough already has more residents at risk of coastal flooding than any other part of Wales and disturbing the sea bed could make this situation worse. It is important that a flood consequence assessment is undertaken to inform the decision making process.

’Whilst we must increase the amount of electricity which is generated from renewable sources, this cannot be at any cost.’

He added, ‘I continue to support alternatives to this scheme such as tidal barrages or lagoons which harness the reliable power of the tide, are less visually intrusive and could result in better flood protection for our coasts.’