Welsh Heads warn of school funding crisis

Head teachers in Wales are warning of a “quiet crisis” in schools due to underfunding.

There are concerns that financial constraints placed on school budgets could already be damaging standards.

Shadow Education Secretary, Darren Millar, says “there can be no excuse” for the Welsh Labour Government’s failure to properly fund schools.

Darren said:

“There can be no excuse for the consistent underfunding of education in Wales.

“For every pound spent on schools in England, the Welsh Government receives £1.20 to spend here – yet in spite of this, pupils in Wales attract almost £700 less in spending than those over the border.

“It’s a national scandal, and little wonder that Wales’ education system is at the bottom of the UK league table and languishing in the bottom half of international rankings.

“The Welsh Labour-led Government must reverse its cuts and invest more in our teachers and schools so that the next generation has the best possible chance to reach their full potential.”