Welsh Government to canvass views of children on Brexit

Children and young people are to be asked for their views on Brexit, with seven to 11-year-olds canvassed in schools, with a teacher or member of support staff present.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Millar said:

“Teachers are busy enough without being given the extra task of explaining the intricate details of Brexit, the ongoing negotiations with the EU, and second guessing the impact on children and young people going forward. 

“It does seem to be extraordinary that the Welsh Government want to go to great lengths to ask young people about their views without seeming to make any effort to take on board the views of older people. 

“With Wales at the bottom of the UK education league table and having suffered our worst GCSE results in a decade the Welsh Government would do better to focus its energy on raising standards in our schools and giving our children the very best chance in life.”