Welsh Conservatives Urge Pay Rise for Teachers in England to be Matched in Wales

The UK Conservative Government has committed to raising the pay of hard-working teachers employed in England. The Welsh Government however has consistently resisted calls for an increase in the pay of teachers in Wales.

On Tuesday the UK government said that a million public sector workers would be receiving their biggest pay rise in nearly 10 years - with members of the armed forces also set to benefit.

Rex Phillips of NASUWT said it was “no good the Welsh Government bleating about where the money is coming from to fund the pay uplift for teachers pay this year, as the award applies across England and Wales”.

Commenting, Shadow Education Spokesman, Darren Millar AM said:

“The Welsh Government receive £1.20 from the UK Government for every £1 spent on schools in England yet spend hundreds less per pupil each year so instead of crying crocodile tears and making excuses the First Minister should get his wallet out and give teachers in Wales the pay rise that they deserve. 

“We already have a growing teacher recruitment crisis and withholding a pay rise in Wales while teachers in England get a boost to their pay packets will only make that worse.”