A very special political experience up for grabs

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar AM has thrown his support behind the Welsh Mountain Zoo’s ‘Silk Road’ crowdfunding campaign offering a very special and unique ‘political’ prize.

Five guided tours around the Senedd are up for grabs in the final week of the crowding campaign where lucky pledgers get to experience and enjoy a true insight into life at the Senedd, the hub of Welsh Government followed by a light lunch.

Darren, a huge  and long-standing supporter of the Zoo, is keen to help raise awareness of the campaign and help generate funds through this once in a lifetime prize.

He said:

"I’m delighted to lend my support to the fantastic Silk Road Project. The Welsh Mountain Zoo is one of North Wales’ premier tourist attractions and this project will bring even more visitors to the region. 

‘As well as creating a new home for the zoo’s snow leopards, the project will also provide a wonderful opportunity to learn more about these amazing animals and support conservation efforts to protect them. 

‘I urge everybody to get behind this project."

The Silk Road project, which the Zoo is raising funds for through the crowdfunder, involves a completely new home for the Zoo’s snow leopards to create a representation of the mountainous regions in which the endangered species lives. The Silk Road will forge links with China and the Himalayan mountains exploring the Chinese culture, language, environment and species that originate from there.

Jennifer Jesse, Administration and Operations Director at the Welsh Mountain Zoo said:

“It’s fantastic to see the support the campaign has had from far and wide. It’s also wonderful to see the support of a highly regarded politician such as Darren Millar who not only has endorsed our project, but injected a pretty special experience into the mix, which I'm sure will grab the attention of many throughout Wales.

“We only have a few days left of our crowdfunding campaign and we’re keen to generate as much funding as possible to help make the Silk Road become a reality, a project which will not only provide a fantastic home for our snow leopards but will open really interesting links with China. For anyone whose interested in this prize or the project in general please visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-silk-road