Tourism Tax fears voiced during Welsh Mountain Zoo visit

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar visited the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay on Friday to hear more about their future plans.

While there, Darren met with the Nick Jackson, the Zoo’s Chief Executive and had the opportunity to feed Ghengis the Bacterian camel.

Darren said:

“I always enjoy visiting the Welsh Mountain Zoo and despite the cold weather my visit on Friday failed to disappoint. It was great to meet Ghengis and to give him his lunch.

“The Zoo is one of North Wales’ top ten attractions and has received record breaking numbers of visitors in recent years, however it is concerned that the Welsh Government is currently considering a proposal for a tourism tax and that this will impact on visitor numbers.

“Zoo’s such a Colwyn Bay’s Welsh Mountain Zoo are important tourism destinations, providing visitors of all ages with a fun day out as well as the opportunity to learn about a variety of animals and birds. In recent years the Welsh Mountain Zoo has gone from strength to strength and it would be a great travesty if the Welsh Government put its future in jeopardy by forging ahead with its ludicrous plans to introduce a Tourism Tax.”