Students deserve apology for textbook ‘shambles’

The Welsh Labour-led Government must take action to ensure that students and teachers have core resources to support their learning, according to an Assembly Committee report published today. 

The Children Young People and Education Committee found that textbooks were not published for some GCSE and A Level courses in Wales until just weeks before exams were taken, almost two years after courses had started. 

Welsh Conservative Shadow Secretary for Education Darren Millar AM, said:

‘This whole situation has been an absolute shambles and it’s no wonder that Wales saw its worst GCSE results in 10 years last summer. 

‘Students and teachers in Wales have been caused significant and unavoidable distress as a result of not having the resources they need for learning and revision, and many young people fear that it will have an impact on their exam results. This is the last thing they need during already stressful exam periods.

‘The Welsh Government should apologise to those students affected by this mess and take action to ensure that no new GCSEs or A Levels are introduced in Wales ever again without basic learning resources such as textbooks being available to learners prior to their courses starting.’