Stop ‘glamorisation’ of North Wales route to irresponsible motorists

Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar has called on the Welsh Government to take action to stop the glamorisation of a 20-mile stretch of road in Conwy County which is attracting dangerous drivers from around the UK.  

Darren is concerned that motoring magazine Evo is promoting the route, which consists of three roads which link Pentrefoelas and Cerrigydrudion, including a stretch of the A5, near Denbigh thrill-seeking drivers and has dubbed it the Evo-Triangle.

It is also being branded and promoted on t-shirts and merchandise and online as a race track.

Seconding calls for Welsh Government Statement on the matter in the Senedd this week, Darren said:

“I’m very concerned that safety is deteriorating as a result of the glamorisation of this route to irresponsible motorists. One of the other features is the fact that the internet is being used to glamorise this significantly.

“There are YouTube videos that are encouraging people to go and visit and petrol heads to gather in order to speed around this route and there are gaming companies which are also doing versions of this within their games in order to encourage people to visit.

“I’m fed up of seeing fatalities, accidents and near misses on these roads; the Welsh Government must step in and work with the police to deploy fixed speed cameras on this route, which would absolutely stop this problem once and for all.

“We also need determined action from Youtube to take own videos posted by irresponsible petrol heads speeding around this route and to prevent the gaming industry from using virtual versions of the triangle in their games, which promote dangerous driving by boy racers.

“We have had some record improvements in road safety in Wales in recent years. I certainly don’t want things to go in the opposite direction because we failed to deal with this particular problem in my own constituency.”