Plans to give all prisoners the vote “will make blood boil”

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar has hit out at proposals to give all prisoners the vote in Assembly and local elections.

In a Welsh Assembly debate this week, the Welsh Labour-led Government – which includes the only Liberal Democrat AM amongst it – and Plaid Cymru called for all prisoners to have the right to vote.

Although the result of the debate is non-binding, the Welsh Government’s explicit support has set Wales on a path towards giving prisoners which include murderers, rapists, terrorists, and paedophiles the right to elect AMs and councillors.

A 2017 YouGov survey found that a majority of Britons did not want any prisoners to have the franchise, and that a greater proportion of those in Wales and the Midlands were against such plans, with 60% of those questioned opposed.

Condemning the move, Darren said:

“These plans will make blood boil. There is absolutely no mandate for the Welsh Government to extend voting rights to all prisoners. 

“There was no mention of the issue in either the Labour, Plaid or Liberal Democrat Welsh Assembly election manifestos and surveys clearly show that such a move is extremely unpopular with the public here in Wales. 

“Instead of extending the right to vote to all prisoners, our priority must be the human rights of the victims whose rights have been violated by murderers, terrorists, rapists, and paedophiles.”