New curriculum must be used to develop emotional resilience of Welsh children

Figures revealing increasing numbers of young people seeking help for depression highlight the need for a renewed focus on developing the ‘emotional resilience’ of our children – according to Welsh Conservatives.

New statistics show a 25.8% rise in the number of young people seeking counselling for suicide concerns; up from 244 in 2014-15 to 307 in 2015-16.

Shadow Secretary for Education and Children, Darren Millar, wants the development of a new curriculum in Wales to be undertaken with a view to using the education system to develop emotional resilience in children.

He said:

“Many of these issues stem from problems associated with social media usage and the proliferation of online devices in the everyday lives of young people. The development of a new curriculum in Wales provides us with an opportunity to tackle these things head on. 

"The Welsh Government must take action to ensure that the curriculum is fit for purpose and includes elements which develop emotional resilience in our young people and make them more aware of online dangers and the impact of social media bullying and abuse."