Ministerial visit to Old Colwyn’s ailing sea defences

Assembly Member Darren Millar hosted a Ministerial visit to Old Colwyn’s ailing sea defences this week in a bid to secure funding to upgrade protection for the promenade and vital transport infrastructure.

Darren has long been calling on the Welsh Government to take action and improve the Old Colwyn sea defences which are regularly overwhelmed by high tides and storms.

Speaking after the meeting, Darren said:

“I am very grateful for the minister taking the time to visit the sea defences in Old Colwyn.

“The sea defences in the area are in desperate need of an upgrade and without an overhaul it’s just a matter of time before they fail. Given that they protect vital infrastructure such as the North Wales railway line and the A55 expressway, lives could be lost and there could be catastrophic consequences for our transport system and those who rely upon it.”

“The sea defences are of national importance and it is now vital that the Welsh Government take the lead to secure the improvements we need.”

Old Colwyn Councillor Cheryl Carlisle added:

“In spite of efforts by Conwy County Borough Council over the past 11 years there has been little progress in securing the investment needed to upgrade the sea defences. We now need the Welsh Government to step in with funding and to bring stakeholders together to resolve this issue once and for all.”