Make Wales first ‘No Cold Calling’ nation in Britain

Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar has called on the Welsh Government to make Wales the first ‘No Cold Calling’ nation in Britain.

With more people falling victim to scams and doorstep crime, Darren is keen to see Wales as a whole follow the lead of Abergele by introducing No Cold Calling zones.

Raising the matter with the First Minister in the Senedd yesterday, he said:

“One of the things that can be done in order to combat scams is the establishment of  No Cold Calling zones. This has been something that has been extremely successful in my own constituency, where Conwy County Borough Council have imposed a town-wide one in Abergele. What work do you think that we can do here in the National Assembly, and the Welsh Government can do, to make Wales the first No Cold Calling nation in Britain?”

The First Minister welcomed the idea.

He said: “I know that most of the local authorities now in Wales do have no cold calling zones that look to reduce the number of cold callers. Of course, if we get to a point where all local authorities have no cold calling zones, then we can begin to consider the issue of whether we can declare ourselves a No Cold Calling nation.”

Darren added:

“Too many vulnerable people in Wales are falling victim on a daily basis to phone, doorstep and internet scams, which aim to make money through deceit and intimidation.

"As well as robbing elderly and vulnerable people of their lifesavings, scams can cause considerable distress and severely limit someone’s quality of life. Creating legally enforceable ‘No Cold Calling Zones’ across Wales would give these residents peace of mind and protection against these rogue traders. I am pleased that the First Minister supports my vision to make Wales the first No Cold Calling nation in Britain and will continue pushing to ensure that we achieve this status.”