Law should change over bin collections

In the Senedd this week, Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar made call for the law to change to require bin collections to be made at least fortnightly.

Darren urged the Minister for Housing and Local Government to listen to the concerns of local residents in the Conwy area and take action “to protect local communities by insisting that local councils collect waste on a more frequent basis”.

Darren raised the issue when calling on the Minister to make a statement on public satisfaction with local authority services in Wales.

He also challenged her over the poor Funding Formula settlement for Conwy.   

He said:

“You will have read with some concern the reports last week that local authorities in Wales had received 87,000 complaints in relation to missed refuse collections. In my own constituency, of course, we have a four weekly collection regime where a missed refuse collection means that people can go up to eight weeks without having their waste collected, which is clearly unacceptable. Around 10 per cent of the 87,000 complaints were recorded in Conwy. 

“Local authorities in Wales have to abide by Welsh Government rules and what many people in my constituency are asking for is, not only a better reflection within the Local Government Funding Formula to make sure that there's a fair settlement for Conwy, but also for the Welsh Government to protect local communities by insisting that local councils collect waste on a more frequent basis.

“I would therefore be grateful if you could tell me what you're doing to look at the Funding Formula to make sure that it's fair to North Wales and to Conwy in particular, and what work you are doing with your officials to look at the timeliness and the frequency of waste collections in order to protect the public from the potential harms that can come about to the environment and their public health?”

In her response, the Minister said: “it's a matter for local authorities in terms of the frequency of their bin collections” and that “the Welsh Government has always been clear that we do need to build on our recycling record”.

Darren added: “It’s really important to take the public with you on the recycling journey. We’ve been successful as a nation in doing that to date, but when you reduce waste collection services to a four-weekly basis, you really do begin to lose people’s goodwill. The Welsh Government should change the law to require local councils to collect waste at least fortnightly and give local councils the cash to deliver such services.”