Labour’s tuition fee hike a “betrayal” of students across Wales

Shadow Education Secretary – Darren Millar – has warned that young voters will be “once bitten, twice shy” at the next election, after the Welsh Labour Government announced a hike in tuition fees.

The announcement comes just weeks after the First Minister told people to vote Labour to scrap tuition fees altogether.

During the election campaign, commenting on UK Labour’s pledge to scrap tuition fees, Carwyn Jones said “it would be difficult to conceive” a scenario where fees are abolished in England but not in Wales.

This afternoon the Welsh Labour Government announced that maximum tuition fees in Wales would rise to £9,295 from Autumn 2018.

Responding for the Welsh Conservatives, Darren Millar said:

“Just weeks ago, Labour’s First Minister was telling people to vote Labour to scrap tuition fees, yet today, with amazing hypocrisy, his Government has announced a hike in the cap on tuition fees paid by Welsh students.

“It’s a betrayal of students across Wales and a kick in the teeth to Labour voters across the country.

“Young voters will be once bitten, twice shy at the next election.”