Homes plan will over-stretch local services

An Assembly Member has warned that plans for 850 new homes in a North Wales town could over-stretch local services.

The Conwy Local Development Plan was signed off by Conwy County Borough Council last week. It sets out the Council’s objectives and priorities for the development and use of land until 2022 and includes proposals for 850 homes in Abergele.  

Commenting on the plan, Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar said: 

“Whilst I'm delighted that proposals for a Gypsy/Traveller Site Search Area and the loss of playing fields in Abergele to housing and an unnecessary by-pass have now been dropped, the Council are still seeking to develop 850 homes in the Abergele area.

"Such large scale growth is unsustainable and would put huge strain on local facilities such as the Abergele Medical Centre and local schools."

Conwy County Borough Councillor Tim Rowlands said: “I welcome that the Plan will now be subject to a period of public consultation, however I remain deeply concerned at the scale of the proposed new development which is disproportionately focussed on the Abergele area.”

Conwy County Borough Councillor Sam Rowlands said: “Although it’s clear that the County has listened in terms of dropping the by-pass and highlighting the need for burial provision and allotments in Abergele, I share Darren and Tim’s concern about the scale of the new development which has been proposed, especially as green field sites are at risk.”

Photo shows (left to right) Cllr. Sam Rowlands, Cllr. Tim Rowlands and Darren Millar AM