“Give North Wales its fair share of funding”

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar has called on the Welsh Government to give North Wales the funding it needs.

Questioning the First Minister in the Senedd yesterday, Darren said people in North Wales are sick of hearing about investment in South Wales, while North Wales continues to miss out.

He said:

“One thing that many people in North Wales crow about is the disparity between the investment in South Wales in the transport infrastructure and that in the north. You're spending 1.4 billion on an M4 relief road, 400 million more than you were anticipating not that long ago. You announced 180 million for the metro central project in Cardiff, and that's within, of course, a 2 billion package for the South Wales metro system.

“Now, I don't decry those investments, but when is North Wales going to get its fair share? We've got cripplingly bad infrastructure on the A55, which regularly is congested, we've got problems with our flood defences, and broadband access, particularly in rural communities, is completely unacceptable.”