Environment Minister invited to visit Old Colwyn flood defences

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar has invited the Welsh Government Minister for the Environment to visit Old Colwyn’s flood defences which are in desperate need of an upgrade.

Darren, who has long been calling on the Welsh Government to take action to improve the sea defences before a serious incident occurs, raised the matter again in the Senedd yesterday.

He said:

“One of the areas that has received significant investment in recent years, of course, is the Bay of Colwyn, but there is one part of the Bay of Colwyn that is particularly vulnerable to flooding, and experienced flooding very recently in Storm Eleanor, which hit North Wales just a few weeks ago; the Old Colwyn promenade.

“This is a regular occurrence now, and I'm very concerned at the vulnerability of the defences in that area which protect the A55 and the North Wales railway line. We need some leadership on this, and I believe that that leadership needs to come from the Welsh Government. I would be very grateful if you would join me in a visit to Old Colwyn to inspect those defences, and to bring together the various agencies and partners that will be required in order to upgrade them.”

The Minister accepted the invitation and a visit is in the process of being set up.

Darren added: “I am very pleased that the Minister has agreed to visit the flood defences. Each time we experience extreme weather conditions people are living in fear and understandably so. Lives could so easily be lost unless work is undertaken to strengthen the flood defences. Hopefully the Minister’s visit will lead to some positive action being taken in 2018.”