Education Minister congratulates “excellent” Kinmel Bay School

The Welsh Education Minister has congratulated a Kinmel Bay School after Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar highlighted its recent glowing Estyn report in the Assembly Chamber this week.  

Calling for an update on educational standards in Welsh schools yesterday, Darren referred to the high standards at Ysgol y Foryd in Kinmel Bay.

In March Estyn Inspectors awarded the Primary School five “excellents” for standards; wellbeing and attitudes to learning; teaching and learning experiences; care, support and guidance; and leadership and management.

Questioning the Education Minister in the Chamber, Darren praised Ysgol y Foryd and said its achievements are even more commendable given the financial challenges currently facing schools in North Wales.  

He  said:

“Will you join me in congratulating Ysgol y Foryd in Kinmel Bay in my constitucency on the five 'excellents' it received in its recent Estyn inspection report?

“I visited over the Easter recess. It's achieving excellence in spite of the significant financial challenges that schools are facing across Conwy and North Wales at the moment. You will know that, as a result of the Welsh Government's current funding arrangement with the UK Government, £1.20 is available to spend on children here, in terms of their education, for every £1 spent on a pupil in England, and yet the reality is that there is a significant funding gap in terms of the per pupil spend per year with Welsh pupils getting less investment than over the border in England.

“What action is the Welsh Government taking to close that funding gap, so that other schools can achieve the excellence that's available to children who are pupils at Ysgol y Foryd?”

Responding the Education Minister congratulated the staff, pupils and governors of Ysgol y Foryd, adding “perhaps the Member would be kind enough to ask me to visit the school, so I can see for myself, obviously, the high standards that are being achieved.”

Darren has extended an invitation for the Minister to visit the school.