Education can help to make poverty history

Darren Millar, AM for Clwyd West, has signed up to the Global Campaign for Education at the National Assembly for Wales.

The campaign wants to see the 72 million children in the world who are missing out on an education to receive a basic education for free.
Darren said, ‘I'm proud to support this important campaign.
‘If people can read and write they have the basic skills to survive. If you don't have an education it can be more difficult to get a job and earn a living to feed your family.
'Education is how people around the world can work their way out of poverty rather than living off handouts.
'Here in Wales, we often take for granted our access to education and learning opportunities. Let's not forget that there are millions around the world who don't have these opportunities and do our best to ensure that they can have them.'
Steve Brooks, of Oxfam Cymru, said, 'World leaders have pledged that by 2015 every child in the world will receive a free and basic education. We’re glad that Darren has added his support to this campaign to put pressure on governments and the international community to make sure they fulfil their promise to all the boys and girls in the world.'
Jeff Williams of Christian Aid, said, 'Millions of parents, teachers and children around the world are calling on their governments to provide free, good quality, basic education for all the world's children.'