Conwy waste collection concerns raised in Senedd

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar highlighted resident’s concerns regarding the four-weekly refuse collection scheme in Conwy during a Senedd debate this week, and criticised Conwy County Borough Council for introducing the collection regime against the wishes of local residents.

Speaking in the debate on waste and recycling yesterday, Darren, who has been leading a campaign against the bin collections cuts and coordinated a petition calling for the four-weekly collections to be ditched, urged the Welsh Government to take action to ensure local authorities work with residents in taking this agenda forward.   

He said:

“It’s really important to take the public with you on the recycling journey. We’ve been successful as a nation in doing that to date, but when you reduce waste collection services to a four-weekly basis, which is the situation in Conwy at the moment, you really do begin to lose people’s goodwill, and that is precisely what is happening in the County Borough at present. We’ve got 10,000 households there who are on a four-weekly general refuse collection scheme.

“Since it has been introduced there has been an increase in fly-tipping reports to my office and an increase in rodent sightings. While I have no doubt that some households do need to do more to recycle and dispose of their waste responsibly, there are public health risks as well related to the new regime. It cannot be right that pet waste, for example, sits in people’s bins for four weeks at a time, because that can cause public health risks to householders and the council workers who then go on to collect that waste.

“It cannot be right either from an equalities point of view that we have older people, sometimes with clinical conditions, having receptacles outside their front doors that identify them as being vulnerable. Because that is the situation in my constituency at the moment, and people are very unhappy indeed.”

He added:

“I would urge you, Minister, to consider what you might be able to do as a Welsh Government in order to promote the ability of local authorities to work with their residents rather than against the goodwill of their residents in taking this agenda forward.

“I’ve called for residual waste to be collected no less frequently than fortnightly. I think that that would be a good step forward; it would reassure residents that, whilst they continue to go on this journey and to make every effort to recycle, that they’re not going to be abandoned in terms of their public services.”