Closing attainment gap “isn’t just about money”

Affluent areas of Wales are failing pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, according to a major new study.

Large gaps between the attainment of children from poorer and better-off backgrounds are revealed in the Social Mobility Commission report.

Responding to its findings, Darren Millar AM, Welsh Conservative Shadow Education Secretary, said:

“After nearly two decades in government, Welsh Labour-led administrations has delivered the worst performing school system, and the least productive economy of all the home nations.

“The gap between what Welsh Government spends on its pupils compared to spend per pupil in England has widened to £678, and this is in spite of the fact the UK Conservative Government makes £1.20 available to the Welsh Government for every £1 it spends on pupils in England.

“But closing the attainment gap isn’t just about money. It’s about raising aspiration and devising an education system which allows all children to reach their potential – something which Welsh ministers have singularly failed to do.”