Calls to end Flying Start ‘postcode lottery’

An Assembly Committee has concluded that the Welsh Government’s flagship ‘Flying Start’ scheme needs “significant change” in order to reach more children in need.

The Children, Young People & Education Committee’s report finds that Flying Start is failing to reach the majority of children in need because of its focus on postcode defined ‘areas of deprivation’.

Welsh Conservatives have long called for reform of Flying Start to make it more “flexible and Wales-wide”.

Commenting on the report, Shadow Education Secretary, Darren Millar, said:

We’ve been saying for a long time that Flying Start simply isn’t working for the overwhelming majority of families in need of support.

“The Welsh Government must put an end to the Flying Start postcode lottery which excludes families in need simply on the basis of their address.

“The programme needs radical reform to make it more flexible and Wales-wide so that local Councils can deliver help and support to those who need it most.”