Call for roll-out of free childcare scheme to parents in Denbighshire

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar has called on the Welsh Government to extend its 30 hour free childcare scheme to working parents in Denbighshire.

Raising the matter in the Senedd this week, Darren welcomed the roll-out of the scheme in Conwy, but said parents in Denbighshire are concerned they are the only local authority which will not have access to the scheme when it is extended in September. 

Calling for a Welsh Government Statement on the situation in the Business Statement, he said:

“I was very pleased to see that the 30 hours of free childcare is going to be extended in different parts of north Wales later on this year from September, including into Conwy, which forms part of my constituency. But, of course, there is one single local authority that is going to be left out of the offer from September of this year, and that's Denbighshire.

“I have written to the Minister in respect of this matter, but I think it would be beneficial for all Members of the House to have some sort of assurance about this, because there are parents who are concerned that there may be cross-border issues if they are working in one local authority area and trying to make a claim for free childcare in another and how that might impact upon the practicalities of being able to enjoy the benefits of the 30 hours that might be available.

“So, I think some clarity on that should be afforded, and I would urge the Minister to consider extending the roll-out into Denbighshire from the same date – 1st  September - as in all of the other local authorities in North Wales, to overcome the potential problems.”