Assembly Government making a mess of keeping Wales tidy

Welsh Conservatives today accused the Labour-Plaid Assembly Government of failing to keep Wales tidy.

In a debate in the National Assembly, Shadow Environment Minister Darren Millar said the coalition administration’s policies had failed to tackle the blight of rubbish, dog mess and graffiti in many areas.
The Clwyd West AM said the government had failed to use its powers to make communities safer, greener and cleaner.
He added:
“It is clear in this Local Government election campaign that people across Wales are fed up with dirty streets and unsafe communities.
“Everybody wants to live somewhere they can feel proud of, and safe in.
“Tackling public nuisance offences like littering and dog-fouling should be something the Assembly Government and local authorities need to take seriously.
“They need to work together to protect our local environment.
“Over the past four years, some local authorities have not issued a single fixed penalty notice for littering whilst others have issued hundreds.
“How can this be justified when we all see litter on our streets and public spaces?
“Dog fouling is out of control with many parks and recreational areas spoilt by irresponsible dog owners who let their animals foul them - often in areas around children's play areas.
“Grime can lead to crime and unless local authorities act and do their bit to address these problems our communities could become less safe.
“Labour and Plaid must act now to ensure that Welsh councils improve in this area.”