Anger as council adopts monthly bin collections

The decision to introduce monthly bin collections at Conwy Council has provoked anger from Assembly Members.

The idea of monthly collections was first floated by the previous Labour-Plaid administration, and AMs are “disgusted” at the move to 4-weekly collections.

The decision was taken by Conwy Council’s cabinet, with the vast majority Conservative councillors in the coalition group voting against the plan.

Clwyd West AM, Darren Millar, said:

“I am disgusted by this decision; it shows how out of touch some councillors are with their communities.

“Four weekly bin collections have proved to be extremely unpopular and have resulted in an increase in litter, fly-tipping and pest control incidents in the pilot areas already subjected to them.

“I had hoped that new leadership on the Council would result in a new approach and that four weekly collections would be ditched so I’m sorry to see that this has not been the case.

“There are smarter ways to save money and promote recycling than axing bin collections. This is a step too far and I predict major opposition from local taxpayers.”