Angela Rayner in denial over Labour's education failings in Wales

Labour’s shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner, is in denial over her party’s failings in Wales according to the Welsh Conservatives.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain today, Ms Rayner claimed ‘education is improving’ in Wales despite facts pointing to the contrary.

In Wales, the Labour government has failed successive generations of young people. Under Labour rule for the last 18 years, Wales has:

  • Slipped down international rankings for science, maths and reading and is the worst performing of the four countries of the UK

  • Seen fewer Welsh students going to elite universities**

  • Seen the spend-per-pupil funding gap between England and Wales widen to £678 compared to just £31 in 2001

  • Failed to scrap tuition fees despite Labour promises in the general election

Responding to the comments, Welsh Conservative Shadow Secretary for Education, Darren Millar AM, said:

“Angela Rayner’s astonishing comments demonstrate an incredible level of ignorance and denial over the Labour Party’s dismal record on education here in Wales.

“Under Labour, Wales has the worst education system in the UK, spending per pupil is £678 per year less than it is in England, fewer students are going to elite universities, and a third of teachers are thinking of leaving the profession.

“Successive generations have been let down by Labour in Wales and even the Labour First Minister acknowledged that his administration had taken its ‘eye off the ball’ when it comes to education.

“Instead of pontificating to the UK Government, Angela Rayner would do better to challenge her Labour colleagues in Wales. Her party cannot run away from its record and this latest gaffe shows you simply cannot trust a word Labour politicians say when it comes to education.”