85% reduction in landfill site complaints

Residents in a North Wales village have praised improvements at a landfill site which led to an 85% reduction in complaints.

Following complaints from a number of constituents, Assembly Member for Clwyd West Darren Millar organised a public meeting in March to allow local residents the opportunity to voice their concerns over persistent problems with odours, litter, noise and pests emanating from the site. Representatives from Llanddulas Landfill operators WRG Limited and the Environment Agency Wales attended the meeting and agreed to improve monitoring and produce regular newsletters to keep residents informed about activities on site.

Since March complaints have fallen by 85% to just 15 in the period from February to August 2011.

Commenting after a follow-up public meeting in Llanddulas this week, Clwyd West AM Darren Millar said:

‘I’m delighted with the reduction in complaints that have been seen over the past six months.

‘Villagers really appreciate the regular newsletters about work on the site and this has helped to explain when site activities are taking place which may affect them and has kept them in the loop about how the site is monitored.

‘Local residents really are enjoying the benefits of improved monitoring of the site and all credit to the landfill site operators and the Environment Agency Wales for the extra effort they have put in to ensure that things have improved.

‘I’m pleased that the Environment Agency Wales have agreed to continue the extra monitoring they put in place last March and look forward to these improvements being maintained into the future.’

Llanddulas residents wanting to make a complaint about the site should call the Environment Agency Wales on 0800 807060.