Coronavirus (COVID-19)

My office has been inundated by constituency enquiries about coronavirus related to employment rights, benefits, business support, travel, food, retail, cancellations, education and lots more. 

It’s vital to follow guidance from official and reputable sources so these pages should be used as primary sources of information, rather than news websites or social media.

This page will be updated from time to time so please keep checking back for the latest information.

General advice

Advice and information from local councils

Health and social care policy

Accessing health and social care

Schools and childcare

Universities, further education and apprenticeships



Advice services

Business support 

Charities, Churches and the Voluntary Sector




Overseas Travel

Public transport

Scams and Consumer rights

Food and retail

Community support

Culture, tourism and sport


Vulnerable groups


Animal Welfare


Courts and prisons


  • Welsh Government, Coronavirus: guidance to planning authorities (27 March)
  • New regulations came into force on 30 March allowing local authorities to undertake development on their land in response to the coronavirus emergency without needing to apply for and obtain planning permission. As a result, for example, local authorities can now use leisure centres as temporary hospitals.